Anders Bortne

Anders Bortne

Anders Bortne is a writer and musician. He has written five acclaimed books and has released eight albums (one of which was even nominated for Album of the Year in Norway).


Anders Røyneberg

Anders Røyneberg trained as an agronomist and psychiatric nurse and now works as a writer, lecturer and therapist. He has received significant attention in the media and has amassed over 112,000 followers on his Instagram, @arcticgardener. The catalogue so far consists of four titles about houseplants and gardening. In total the first three books have sold 30 000 copies in his home country. His first book, Green Home, continues to be a bestseller in Norway and has since been reprinted 9 times, and been sold to 10 countries.

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Anders Totland

Anders Totland is an author, social scientist, cook, and journalist. He is an award-winning young adult- and children’s book writer. He has also published several novels, including A Prayer For Jacob Juul. It’s sequel will be published in 2024.


Anne Elvedal

Anne Elvedal is a successful screenwriter for film and television. She is also a trained nurse and has worked several years in psychiatry. In recent years, she has written horror books for children and young adults to excellent reviews. The psychological thriller “You Can Call Me Jan” is her debut as a fiction writer for adults.

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Barry Ord Clarke

Barry Ord Clarke is an internationally acclaimed fly-tyer and natural fly fisherman, as well as a well-published photographer and writer. His work as a fly fishing photographer has taken him to over 40 different countries. He has written and contributed to more than 30 books. He has won medals in some of the world’s most prestigious fly tying competitions.

Bjorn berge. credit marie rosenberg

Bjørn Berge

Bjørn Berge is an architect and author. He has published numerous articles and books in Norway on architecture and building ecology. In 2016, he published Nowherelands – so far sold to 22 countries.

Camaralundestadjoof credit odin drønen

Camara Lundestad Joof

Camara Lundestad Joof is a Norwegian-Gambian documentary performance artist, playwright and author. She is currently a house playwright at Nasjonalteateret (The National Theatre). She recently received the prestigious Hedda Award for Best Stage Text in 2022 for her play They Must Birth to Us or Fuck Us to Love Us. It was also nominated for Production of the Year.

Pahle christopher

Christopher Pahle

Christopher Pahle is an author, screenwriter and film critic working across a variety of fields and genres, combining a heartfelt curiosity with propulsive plotting and a satirical bent in his writings. His children’s series Kass & Tycho (2019-2023) mixes adventure, mystery, science, comedy, personal intrigue and engaging characters on an epic, interstellar canvas, while always putting the young protagonists center stage. His new series for children, Milo’s Universe, is out Spring 2024.

Ellenviste foto bjørndamsgård

Ellen Viste

Ellen Viste (b. 1973) is a meteorologist and former climate researcher, now working with climate science communication. She has a PhD in meteorology from the University of Bergen.

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Erik Martiniussen

Erik Martiniussen is a Norwegian feature journalist and author. He has previously written the book Greenhouse Effect (2013) – in which he shows that there are major flaws and shortcomings in the international climate emissions trading system

Espen Ytreberg

Espen Ytreberg

Espen Ytreberg is a professor at the Department of Media and Communication at the University of Oslo. Ytreberg has been a visiting researcher at CNRS-Paris, Université de Paris II and the Department of Communication Studies, University of Iowa. He has written several books, his latest a novel about Roald Amundsen.

Presse geir selbaek22[1]

Geir Selbæk

Geir Selbæk has a Phd in Geriatrics from the University of Oslo and is known as Norway’s leading Dementia Professor. His research on aging focuses especially on cognitive impairment and dementia. Selbæk is Head of Research at the National Center for Aging and Health, and was awarded the Dementia Research Award from the National Association for Public Health in 2018.

Eeg harald rosenloew foto niklas lello

Harald Rosenløw Eeg

Harald Rosenløw Eeg (b. 1970) is a highly acclaimed and awarded author and script writer. Two-time winner of the Norwegian Book Award the Brage Prize, plus a nomination, two prestigious debut prizes, and three-time winner of the Ministry of Culture’s Literary Prize for Children and YA. He has a degree in History of Religion from University of Oslo.

Portrait skodvin ingebjorg berg holm 02 credit helge skodvin

Ingebjørg Berg Holm

Ingebjørg Berg Holm (b. 1980) was nominated for the prestigious Riverton Prize for her debut thriller Stars Over, Darkness Below in 2016. Raging Bear is her third book.

Ingunn Myklebust

Ingunn Myklebust

Ingunn Myklebust is one of Norway’s bestselling knitting authors. From a small start on Instagram, the interest has been growing rapidly, both in Norway and internationally. She now has over 84,000 followers on Instagram under the handle @knitting_inna, has published six books – all of which went straight to the bestseller lists – started the successful web shop, and developed her own yarn collection in collaboration with the largest Norwegian yarn company, House of Yarn.

Janne bilde

Janne Stigen Drangsholt

Janne Stigen Drangsholt is a Norwegian writer and academic scholar. Her debut, The Bumblebee Catcher, was published in 2011, but she is best known for her books about the neurotic academic Ingrid Winter. She manages to combine sparkling humor with deep sensitivity.

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Jens M. Johansson

Jens M. Johansson was born in Stockholm (1971) but grew up in Oslo, where he went on to study journalism, literature, and history of ideas. He has worked as an investigative journalist, music critic, and satirist. He has written several critically acclaimed novels and received a number of awards.


John Kåre Raake

John Kåre Raake is one of Norway’s most successful screenwriters. He won this years Best Screenplay Award for the TV-series The Fortress at Series Mania, a collaboration with Linn Jeanethe Kyed. He was one of two screenwriters behind the films The Wave and The Quake. His first thriller, The Ice, has been sold to 16 countries.

Jørgen Jæger

Jørgen Jæger

Jørgen Jæger has sold more than 1,2 million books, making him one of Norway’s most sold crime authors. His books have been sold to several countries. He has also been nominated for the prestigious Norwegian Bookseller Award five times.

Kristin gjesdal bw 2024 foto linahindrum 3

Kristin Gjesdal

Kristin Gjesdal is Professor of Philosophy at Temple University, Philadelphia. She has published a number of monographs and research articles on modern European philosophy and is routinely invited to present her scholarship at top-tier universities worldwide. She also writes popular philosophy in English and Norwegian.


Kristoffer Hatteland Endresen

Kristoffer Hatteland Endresen is a historian and a journalist, and has worked several years with both writing and teaching. Endresen also holds a degree in political science and has studied literature and language at the University of Oslo and the University of Bergen.


Line Nagell Ylvisåker

Line Nagell Ylvisåker (b. 1982) is a journalist and Chief Editor at Svalbardposten. She has received several awards for her writing from Svalbard. Ylvisåker has published several non fiction books, and a childrens book.

Portrett linka, kred.@stineogjarlen

Linka Neumann

Linka Neuman has published five books so far and sold more than 250 000 books, in eight different countries. Linka knits and designs under the Instagram handle @linka.neumann, where she has more than 140 000 followers.

Linn skåber, portrett

Linn Skåber

Linn Skåber is an actor, comedian, and writer, and has participated in a number of revues, theatre productions, TV shows, and films. She has written for both theatre and TV. She is also an author – and has published three books, all of which have become bestsellers in Norway and been sold to many countries.

Marte syvertsen   foto privat

Marte Roa Syvertsen

Marte Roa Syvertsen (b. 1982) is a medical doctor with a PhD in neuroscience. She leads a national network of Norwegian epilepsy scientists and was awarded the prestigious Forsberg and Aulies Legacy for talented young neurologists in 2020. Syvertsen is a columnist at the Journal of the Norwegian Medical Association.


Martin Baldysz

Martin Baldysz debuted with the novel Winter Crawings (Vintertrang) in 2013, and is also the author of the historical series Breaking Waves (Brenninger), with 16 books published so far. In 2022, his novel The Cairns was published to critical acclaim. Martin owns a farm in western Norway, where he lives with his author wife and two children. Beyond the Shallows is his third novel.

Morten Traavik

Morten Traavik

Morten Traavik is a Norwegian director and artist working across a wide spectrum of artistic genres and international borders. Trained as theater director in Russia and Sweden, the notion of the world as a stage and identity as role play is never far away in his works, as well as a characteristically blurred distinction between art, activism and social issues.

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Nazneen Khan-Østrem

Born in Nairobi, Kenya of Pashtun-origin, raised in the UK and Norway, Nazneen Khan-Østrem (b.1968) is an author and a commissioning editor. She published her first book, My Holy War, about Islam and identity in 2005.

Frobenius nikolaj christian elgvin (1)

Nikolaj Frobenius

Nikolaj Frobenius (b. 1965) is a highly merited novelist and screenwriter. He has been nominated multiple times for the Brage Prize and has won international and national honors and awards. His work has been translated into 20 languages. Frobenius is also a successfull screenwriter. He wrote the thriller Insomnia, produced by Christopher Nolan and starring Al Pacino.

Nilas Johnsen

Nilas Johnsen

Nilas Johnsen (b. 1976) has worked as a journalist for Aftenposten, Dagsavisen and VG since 2000. He was correspondent in the UK 2010-2012. From February 2016 to December 2018, he was based in Istanbul, first to be VG’s Middle East correspondent, and then to write this book. Johnsen has a background from the University of Oslo and the London School of Economics.

Rokseth olav w  foto rolf m aagaard (1)

Olav Rokseth

Olav Rokseth is a Norwegian author and journalist. He has previously published three critically acclaimed thrillers. Rokseth has worked for a number of newspapers and magazines, and has made several extended trips to Latin America and Asia as a freelance journalist. He has also made research trips to Afghanistan.

Kjøs, credit agnete brun

Peder Kjøs

Peder Kjøs is one of Norway’s most renowned psychologists. He holds a PhD in psychology, and is a specialist in clinical adult psychology. As a presenter and therapist on national TV and various podcasts, Kjøs has become a household name. He writes for some of the biggest newspapers in Norway, and is a sought-after speaker.


Runa Sommerfelt

Runa Sommerfelt started @Runastrikk as a knitting diary on Instagram in the spring of 2020. She began designing knitting patterns, opened an online store in the fall of 2020, and now has 100,000 followers on Instagram and 36,000 on TikTok. Since the beginning, she has sold over 16,000 knitting patterns.

Portrait sigurd h. plaetner. credit emil hornstrup jakobsen, kutta komprimert

Sigurd Hartkorn Plaetner

Sigurd Hartkorn Plaetner is a versatile storyteller in both fiction and nonfiction, through writing, audio and film.

Simen Ekern

Simen Ekern

Simen Ekern (born 1975) worked as a correspondent in Brussels for several years, and is currently living in Rome. He has covered European politics and culture for several media outlets including Dagbladet, TV2 and Morgenbladet. Ekern is a trained social and political historian who for many years has been considered one of Norway’s leading experts on Italy. He made his debut as an writer in 2006 with Berlusconi’s Italy. He was awarded the Brage Prize for Rome. New Fascists, Red Terrorists and the Dream of La Dolce Vita in 2011.

Siri helle credit david zadig

Siri Helle

Siri Helle is an agronomist in organic farming. She occasionally works as a writer and journalist, carpenter assistant, and goat herder. Helle has written several books.

Staale wig celisa bates

Ståle Wig

Ståle Wig has a PhD in social anthropology. He wrote his doctoral thesis on Cuba’s market reforms after living in Havana for almost two years. Seven years in the making, Havana Taxie came out to rave reviews. Wig’s first book, The Victor: An unauthorized biography of Jonas Gahr Støre, was published by Kagge Forlag in 2014.

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Sverre Henmo

Sverre Henmo was born in Oslo in 1968. He is a sociologist from the University of Oslo. He is now Publisher of YA and Childrens Literature at Aschehoug. He has written 12 books, several for kids and young adults, and two novels for adults. He’s been awarded the Ministry of Culture’s literature prize.

Tungen therese

Therese Tungen

Therese Tungen has worked as an editor for many years, getting her start at the publishing house Oktober, where she, among other things, co-edited Karl Ove Knausgård’s My Struggle. She has published three books.

Thomas Reinertsen Berg

Thomas Reinertsen Berg

Reinertsen Berg is a Journalist and an Author. He was awarded The Brage Prize – best nonficition book in Norway in 2017 – for his debut book Theatre of the World, the history of maps which is an international success, translated into 14 languages.

Ft tom egeland 09801 sh (2)

Tom Egeland

Tom Egeland (b. 1959) is the author of the bestselling series about archaeologist Bjørn Beltø and a number of standalone crime novels as well as books for YA.. He has sold more than 2 million copies, is translated into 25 languages and has received numerous Norwegian literary prizes.

Tore Kvæven

Tore Kvæven

Tore Kvæven (b. 1969) made his debut in 2011 with Hard Is the Law of My Land. He received the most prestigious literary award Brageprisen in 2018 for his novel When the land darkens. Kvæven works as a school teacher and sheep farmer. In 2022, he received the prestigious Stig Sæterbakken Memorial Award.

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Torkil Færø

Torkil Færø is a general practitioner and emergency physician, documentary filmmaker, author, photographer, and globetrotter. With over 25 years as a doctor, he has worked all over Norway, had tens of thousands of consultations, and gained a unique understanding of the illnesses that afflict us.

Une portrett

Une Cecilie Oksvold

Une Cecilie Oksvold is an outdoor enthusiast passionate about highlighting how nature and creativity through knitting can impact mental health, drawing from her own struggles with anxiety and depression. She inspires her over 95,000 Instagram followers (@unececilie) to connect with nature. Knitting has been a therapeutic constant in her life, leading to her latest venture, the book Happy Knits.