Jens M. Johansson

Bilde fra vg bw

Jens M. Johansson was born in Stockholm (1971) but grew up in Oslo where he went on to study journalism, literature and history of ideas. He has worked with investigative journalism, as a music critic and satirist. His work has resulted in several awards, and is included in several essay collections, anthologies and textbooks.

His first short story collection came in 2002, and it was considered a great debut. Two years later Trøst (Comfort), a “extra ordinary, fantastic and feminist” piece of fiction according to the Swedish reception. He has later followed with a number of critically acclaimed novels, most recently Bryllup og begravelser (Weddings and funerals, 2013) og Et godt liv (A good life, 2016). He’s translated into several languages.

The Great Journalist Prize 2005
Tiden Publishing Prize 2004
Arne Hestenes Journalist Award (2000)