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Great reviews for Frobenius

Aug 24, 2021

Nikolaj Frobenius’ psychological thriller SWAN SONG was recently published the reception has been outstanding. Have a look at what the critics are saying.


Agnes Ravatn shortlisted for the CWA Crime Fiction in Translation Dagger

Apr 19, 2021

Agnes Ravatn is nominated for the prestigious CWA Crime Fiction in Translation Dagger for her thriller The Seven Doors. She is in good company, amoung the 5 final titles you will also find other esteemed authors like Fredrik Backman and Mikael Niemi, as well as Roxanne Bouchard, Yun Ko-eun and D A Mishani.

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Jæger ut i verden

Mar 26, 2021

Han har lenge vært en av Norges mest populære krimforfattere. Nå får Jørgen Jæger lesere også i en rekke nye land.

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NORLA's selected spring titles

Mar 24, 2021

NORLA has again selected their prioritized titles in Norway for this spring. Eight titles within Norwegian fiction, non-fiction and children’s and YA. We are proud to say that two of the chosen titles are from Northern Stories.

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Recent sales

Mar 16, 2021

Although the World is not at its best at the moment, the business has to go on. And luckily it does. Here is an update on recent sales.

Turkish agents

Meet our co-agents in Turkey

Feb 24, 2021

Kalem Agency is a literary agency founded in Istanbul, Turkey, and is one of those who builds bridges between books and languages. They represent numerous renowned Turkish authors, and work as co-agents for foreign publishers and literary agencies They also organize ITEF, an international literary festival and a fellowship programme every year.

Vincent 2

Meet Vincent our co-agent in Taiwan and China

Feb 24, 2021

BIG APPLE AGENCY celebrated its 33rd anniversary in 2020. They work with translation rights into Mainland China and into Taiwan and Hong Kong. We’ve asked Vincent to tell us a little more about these markets, and where to travel when we get the possibility again.

Jn prague

Meet Jitka, our co-agent in Prague

Feb 15, 2021

Jitka Nemeckova is working with our books in three Countries: The Czech Republic, Slovakia and Slovenia. In this interview you can read more about her and her markets. And get ideas on cites to visit when in Prague. She also shares the recipe for the traditional Christmas pastry Vánočka. If you manage this, you can consider yourself a real baker!

Weblapra fotó

Meet our co-agents in Budapest

Feb 5, 2021

To be a successful agency you need to cooperate with the right people. And we are so lucky to be cooperating with a lot of extremely professional co-agents around the world, so it’s about time you get to meet them! First out is Judit Herman, who is in charge of Andrew Nurnberg Literary Agency Budapest, and who handles our rights in Hungary and Croatia.

Recent sales



Anders Røyneberg: GREEN HOME

Sold to Smarticular, Germany

John Kåre Raake: THE ICE

Sold to Gradiva, Portugal


Agnes Ravatn: SEVEN DOORS

Sold to Eesti Raamat, Estonia


Halldor Armand: THE BROTHER

Sold to Ed. Métailié, France

Linn Skåber: BEING YOUNG

Sold to VBZ, Croatia


John Kåre Raake: THE ICE

Sold to Scolar, Hungary


Sold to Leya, Portugal


Sold to Scolar Hungary


Sold to Zenon, Turkey

Anders Bortne: SLEEPLESS

Sold to Iz, Turkey and Znak, Poland


John Kåre Raake: THE ICE

Sold to Straarup, Denmark


Sold to Rowohlt, Germany

Ingebjørg Berg Holm: RAGING BEAR

Sold to Carbonio, Italy