About Northern Stories

Bilde astrid ogthomas mala bw kvadrat, ilja c. hendel
Photo: Ilja C. Hendel

NORTHERN STORIES is an independent literary agency representing Nordic writers, with a fine mix of established profiles and promising authors.

Thomas Mala has spent the last decade at Forlaget Press, recently as Deputy Publisher, but he was also in charge of Sales, Marketing and Rights. He has also worked as Head of Sales at Lydbokforlaget.

Astrid Dalaker has extensive experience in publishing from leading the Sales and Marketing departments both at Gyldendal Norsk Forlag and Schibsted Forlag. Her last position was as the Director of Communication at the National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design.

Co-Agents and Text Publishing


Villas-Boas & Moss

Czech Republic/Slovakia/Slovenia:
Andrew Nurnberg Associates Prague

Andrew Nurnberg Associates Baltic

Hungary and Croatia:
Andrew Nurnberg Associates Budapest

Romania, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Moldova, Albania, and the CIS-countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan (territories):
Livia Stoia Literary Agency

Ersilia Literary Agency

Japan UNI Agency Inc.


South Korea:
Duran Kim Agency

Kalem Agency

China/Taiwain/Malaysia/Indonesia/Vietnam and Thailand:
Big Apple Agency

The Debroah Harris Agency


We represent the Nordic Rights for Text Publishing.