The Secret of the Catacomb

Deep beneath the streets of Rome, in a dark catacomb, 14-year-old Robert from Norway searches for a way up and out. But all the passages look the same, covered with skulls and mysterious symbols. Suddenly, Robert spots fresh footprints. And they’re not his own.

Ancient myths, dark catacombs, and mysterious connections – in The Secret of the Catacomb, Roman myths intertwine with the Vikings’ plundering raids. Archaeological discoveries have fatal consequences, and Robert finds himself in mortal danger several times.

The Secret of the Catacomb is about Robert’s encounter with the past. A group of fanatical monks pursues Robert back to Norway, where Borgund stave church turns out to hold mysterious secrets.

A book about history and archaeology, about mystery and occultism, about religion and fanaticism. And about life – and death’s – greatest mysteries.

Bullseye for young readers. Egeland’s knowledge of historical events and keen sense of drama adds something new to young adult literature. The secret of the catacomb will undoubtedly strike a chord.


This is a book full of mystery, puzzles, archaeology, occultism, with a lot of drive and excitement. I think it will captivate both boys and girls, young and old.