They’ve taken what is dearest to him. But can he afford to buy their freedom? Lives are at stake in a relentless kidnapping drama.

When the wife and daughter of financier Christian Collett Archer are kidnapped, police detective Siri Schau and former policeman Richard Skøyen must work together to narrow down the culprit. Richard Skøyen is Archer’s security chief, and despite advising his boss to involve the police from the outset, Archer refuses out of fear that the kidnappers will harm Monica and their daughter. Skøyen is a man who is uncomfortable with authority and is inclined to use unorthodox investigative methods, but in this dangerous case, he would prefer to collaborate with the police, and after a near-fatal shooting incident in Maridalen, he does so. The mismatched investigators face a formidable task. Schau and Skøyen search for the kidnappers in Oslo’s underworld, in the Italian mafia, and in shady financial conglomerates. Is the motive money, or is the solution hidden somewhere else entirely?

Tom Egeland writes effortlessly exciting crime about what hurts the most: losing the ones you love. One small mistake can mean you never see them again. No matter how much money you have…

Crime writer at the top shelf. […] Tom Egeland is the kind of author that I just know delivers quality every single time. […] Tom, the King of Crime, has done it again.

Tor Hammerø, Nettavisen

Terrifyingly realistic. […] …well written excitement, quick scene changes, plenty of drama, and a diverse cast of characters.

Cathrine Krøger, Dagbladet

I’m impressed by the exciting build-up. […] Everything is captivating.

Malin Krutmeijer, VG