Religious fanatics have been trying to calculate the date of Judgment Day for centuries. In the USA, an extremist sect refuses to wait any longer. They threaten Bjørn Beltø to locate the original manuscript of the Book of Revelation, which contains the recipe for the Bible’s Judgment Day – the end of the world. Bjørn Beltø is the only one who understands what is about to happen. In an intense race against time, he must convince American intelligence that the fear of Judgment Day is not a crazy conspiracy theory. At the same time, he must protect his daughter Angelina from mysterious pursuers.

Both Bjørn Beltø and Tom Egeland are back at the top. Right at the top actually – this could easily be an international winner.

Tor Hammerø, Nettavisen

Crime of international caliber

Simen Ingemundsen, Randaberg 24

Well-constructed doomsday thriller. Tom Egeland with a light-hearted and well-written code crime about religious fanaticism and hidden messages in the Bible.

Leif Bull, Dagsens næringsliv