New thriller featuring the beloved character Bjørn Beltø! Tom Egeland has sold more than 2 million copies, and has been translated into 25 languages. 666 went straight to the best seller list, and stayed there for more than half a year.

A religious thriller, brimming with suspense, action, and history. By showing intimate stalker pictures of his daughter Angelina in London, religious extremists force Bjørn Beltø to track down the original manuscript of the biblical Book of Revelation. If the manuscript exists at all. In his pursuit, Bjørn encounters an American TV evangelist, ancient esoteric societies, and American intelligence services. Religious fundamentalists aim to fulfill God’s promise of the second coming of Jesus. To do so, they must trigger the biblical apocalypse. A reluctant and uncertain Beltø must attempt to uncover the terrorists’ horrifying plan and stop them before it’s too late.

666 is the 11th book in the Bjørn Beltø-series.

Both Bjørn Beltø and Tom Egeland are back at the top. Right at the top actually – this could easily be an international winner.

Tor Hammerø, Nettavisen

Crime of international caliber

Simen Ingemundsen, Randaberg 24

Well-constructed doomsday thriller. Tom Egeland with a light-hearted and well-written code crime about religious fanaticism and hidden messages in the Bible.

Leif Bull, Dagsens næringsliv