The 13th Diciple

A burial chamber. A mystery. A historical secret.

CAPERNAUM, 1978: An Israeli archaeologist uncovers an ancient tomb. The same day, he disappears without a trace. The military takes over the excavation and seals the burial chamber.

OSLO, 2014: On her deathbed, a colleague of Bjørn Beltø pleads for help. At the same time, her husband and son are attacked by unknown assailants.

LONDON, FLORENCE, JERUSALEM: Together with the daughter of the missing archaeologist, Bjørn Beltø travels the world to get to the bottom of the mystery. The solution is astonishing – and shocking.

A high-class, action-packed thriller. As a reader, I want and need to know what the tomb contained. Tom Egeland takes historical events from biblical times, reexamines them, and makes us see them in a new light. It’s wonderfully refreshing to read a suspense novel that engages the gray matter.

Frid Feyling, VG