Gunnar's Book of Records nominated for Bokslukerprisen 2024!

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We congratulate Anders Totland with his nomination for Bokslukerprisen 2024!

May 6, 2024

Bokslukerprisen (The Book Eater Prize) is an annual award for children’s literature, where 120 000 students between 10-12 vote for their favorite books. The aim is to promote enthusiasm and love of reading.

Gunnar’s Book of Records is a warm and insightful book full of heart, for children aged 9+.

Gunnar owns a book. A book full of records. In it, he writes about Sivert, who is the best friend in the whole world, about Sivert’s father, who must be the world’s happiest man, about Dad, who just lies on the couch and is the saddest person Gunnar knows. And about Vilde, who has the world’s most beautiful smile. But he doesn’t write about how a heart can just stop beating, and he doesn’t write about Mom. And he doesn’t show the book to anyone. No one gets to read Gunnar’s record book.