The Voice

A high-speed car chase outside Fjellberghavn ends in tragedy and police chief Ole Vik’s life hangs in the balance.

Those that caused the accident kidnap his colleague Cecilie Hopen and, almost unconscious, she witnesses a double homicide. She wakes up in Drammen hospital with memory loss— remembering only a haunting voice.

Soon more homicides follow, and police suspect the man they’ve named The Voice of eliminating witnesses. While the police are establishing a safe premise for a controversial Nobel Prize award, Cecilie Hopen finds herself in the line of fire. She begins to suspect a connection between the kidnapping, the homicides and the shoot-out.

The Voice is the sixth book in the series about Ole Vik and Cecilie Hopen.

‘With The Voice, Jørgen Jæger has reached the top ranks of Nordic crime authors.’