The Symphony of Death

Someone has skinned the cat belonging to the owner of Fjellberghavn’s fast-food restaurant and nailed his parakeet to the wall. The married couple Jørgensen comes home from a fishing trip and finds their cabin in a wild disarray. The district’s orchestra conductor receives uninvited guests.

All this happens during some hectic night hours. Ole Vik and his faithful colleagues have a busy night trying to figure out what has happened, and if there are connections between these seemingly individual and unusual events.
Does anything tie these families together? Has a single person embarked on a personal and systematic revenge mission against Fjellberghavn’s gay fast-food chef, against Jørgensen, the old millionaire, or the orchestra conductor?
As people are about to get back on their feet after last night’s events, they are shaken again. This time by a murder.

Death Symphony is the third book about Ole Vik.

The solution is sophisticated. This thriller is yet another triumph for Jæger.


Joyful narrative… Exciting and entertaining—- undoubtedly bestseller potential.