The Fjellberghavn Series

Set in the picturesque rural town of Fjellberghavn, the highly respected police chief Ole Vik and his adept detective Cecilie Hopen are constantly being dragged into investigations riddled with social dilemmas. Through his addictive prose, Jørgen Jæger makes you want to know everything about Fjellberghavn and its inhabitants.

The Fjellberghavn series consists of thirteen books so far and has sold more than 1.2 million copies in Norway.

In this series, we follow skilled detective Cecilie Hopen and highly respected police chief Ole Vik. Vik is a rugged life-enthusiast who sometimes goes out of his way to find solutions – even outside the regulations when required. The two form an unlikely pair that represent “two worlds”; they are the analog versus the digital. Young versus old. City versus country. And when these two forces come together, they are irresistible.
We also get to know Fjellberghavn’s population, their family and friends, and the other employees in the police force. We follow life in Fjellberghavn and are included in the joys and sorrows of everyday life – but also the criminal activities that occur in this little place.
All thirteen books present different crime stories, and Jæger always focuses on a specific social dilemma. The subject varies from book to book; it can be how drugs can destroy a family, what it’s like to establish a new life when given a new identity after escaping an abusive husband, or how panic spreads when a child goes missing and a pedophile abuser is suspected.

Jørgen Jæger is an ambitious composer who combines the thriller with the socially realistic crime novel and creates a universe where everything can happen and where people are pushed far beyond their tolerance.

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Since his debut in 2003, Jørgen Jæger has established Cecilie Hopen and sheriff Ole Vik as some of the country’s most popular crime heroes.