Torkil Færø is awarded "Readers' favorite book 2023"


Torkil Færø’s The Pulse Cure was voted by Bok365’s readers as their favorite book of 2023.

Feb 15, 2024

– It feels almost absurd. I have measured my pulse for four years and been seen as odd at the doctor’s office because I said that this has the potential to turn the healthcare system upside down. But that the message resonated as it did, and that people are so enthusiastic about the book, is enormous. I receive daily messages from people saying the book has changed their lives. This is the world’s first book on how to use a heart rate monitor in preventive health. It’s surprising how many have embraced it so far., Torkil Færø says to Bok365.

The Pulse Cure has spent 58 weeks on the best seller list and has been sold to five languages: Swedish, Danish, Dutch, Polish and World English. Færø believes that the book’s appeal lies in the fact that many people experience the immediate effects of The Pulse Cure, but also how health becomes similar to a game:

- It’s a gamification of one’s own health, something that I think many find very intuitive. We are terrible at recognizing our own condition. By nature, we are programmed to perceive external threats, not internal ones. So it’s incorrect to think that one can feel, for example, that they need more rest. No, otherwise, many wouldn’t end up burned out with fatigue. There are readers who have discovered cancer through Pulskuren, as their stress levels did not decrease after following my advice. And in such cases, I always advise contacting a doctor.

Færø adds that you don’t need a heart rate monitor to follow his Pulskur:

- My editor was very adamant that people should benefit from Pulskuren even without a heart rate monitor. And the advice on exercise, sleep, diet, stress, and alcohol doesn’t require a heart rate monitor to follow.

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