The Pulse Cure

Sleep better, perform more, and live longer

Do you want to know how you can gain more willpower, energy, and vitality? How much exercise, sleep, and food you need or can tolerate, and how you can prevent serious illness? With the Pulse Cure and a pulse monitor or mobile device as your guide, you can achieve all of this!

The Pulse Cure is for both those who are mildly ill and tired and want to regain their energy, and for those who are feeling well but want to experience more vitality and improve their willpower, endurance, presence, and everyday joy.

The key is heart rate variability or HRV. By getting to know your nervous system and your pulse, you will understand what drains your strength and makes you sick, and what provides energy, willpower, and vitality. You will sleep better, feel more refreshed and happy, and be more present here and now. Plus, you’ll have a much better chance of living a healthy and vital life into old age.

In this book, the author guides you on a vital journey through your nervous system, where you are guaranteed to have some surprises along the way!

The Pulse Cure has been on the national best seller list for more than half a year, and still holds its place. The book has been reprinted in many editions.

The pulse regimen and HRV are a health revolution!

Dr. Annette Dragland, doctor and host of the podcast Doctors about life

Fantastic reading! Færø is at the forefront of an exciting change in how we approach our health.

Dr. Herman Egenberg, doctor and host of the podcast Motivational Interview