Things are off to a great start for A Prayer for Jacob Juul

Omslag til jord skal du bli

Things are off to a great start for Anders Totland’s A Prayer for Jacob Juul – film rights have been sold, it’s made its way to the bestseller list, and the first international sale has been secured.

Oct 17, 2022

A Prayer for Jacob Juul is a tragicomic noir about a retired priest that becomes a widower, grandfather, and murderer in just a couple of days. Norwegian publisher Samlaget published the book on October 6th, and the following week it had already made its way onto the Norwegian bestseller lists.

Film rights have also been commissioned by one of Norway’s most successful film production companies, Paradox, owned by SF Studios. They are responsible for a number of hits: The King’s Choice, The Last King, A Thousand Times Goodnight, A Somewhat Gentle Man and Hawaii, Oslo, to name a few.

Producer Finn Gjerdrum is thrilled about taking the book to the screen:
“As soon as I started reading, I was taken by the pace, characters, humor, and universe in general. Now, here’s a movie, I thought, and I want to make it. I was no less convinced when I got to the end, when I was both moved and emotional.”

It’s not just the silver screen that has an interest in the novel; Denmark’s Straarup & Co has signed the first international sales. Per Straarup, owner and publisher, is delighted to acquire the rights:
“I’ve never read such an absurd Christmas story – and never been so thoroughly entertained.”

Publisher Håkon Kolmannskog of Samlaget also has high hopes for the filmatization of the book:
“The moonshining priest Jacob Juul is like a Clint Eastwood character with a shotgun and a priest’s robe. A Prayer for Jacob Juul is a wonderfully quirky, entertaining, and exciting story. This novel begs to be made into a movie!”

“For me, this is a dream coming true. To see a story that I have written being played out on a big screen is almost a little surreal. I am very excited to start writing this film, and have great faith that Paradox and Finn Gjerdrum are the very best partners to make my book into a really good film,” says Anders Totland.