A Prayer for Jacob Juul

Jacob Juul goes from being a retired priest to a widower, grandfather, and murderer in just a couple of days.

It all becomes too much to handle for Jacob Juul. In just a few days, he goes from being a retired priest and moonshine-seller enjoying his retirement to a widower and new grandfather to a 7-year-old girl. As if that wasn’t enough, he also becomes a murderer. Now, he has a dead debt collector in the booze stash in his shed that he has to get rid of and a criminal conspiracy he must save himself and little Isabella Donnatina from.

Luckily, a lifelong career in the Church of Norway has prepared him to face most situations with calmness and optimism. As Jacob himself says: “It’s incredible what experiences through more than 40 years of visiting private homes to plan christenings, weddings, and funerals can teach you.”

A tragicomic noir from deep in the Norwegian forest.

The novel’s greatest strength is the main character, a retired priest who doesn’t stop to think twice before he shoots down a debt collector at his farmyard and who then handles the incident with stoic gallows humor. This rather simple but entertaining narrative contains a fascinating and well-developed character portrayal that makes the novel – even with all its improbable fabrications – quite believable.

Martin Ingebrigtsen, Editor at Samlaget