Seven Doors

Agnes Ravatn is finally back with a new novel, six years after the success of The Bird Tribunal which was sold to fourteen countries.

Nina Wisløff is a literature professor at the University of Bergen. Her husband Mads is a busy leader of the health council. Their nice house is about to be torn down because of the new path of the Bybanen, and they need a new space to live. Nina and her daughter Ingeborg visit a second house they own but are renting out. Here they get an unpleasant meeting with the tenant, the single mother Mari Nilsen.
Soon after, Mari is reported missing.

The police investigation does not last long before it ends, so Nina starts quietly to try to find out what has happened. The discoveries made will prove to have great consequences for her and her family.

Seven Doors is a disturbing novel about dark lies and dangerous curiosity.