Seven Doors

Professor of comparative literature Nina Winsløff is at a turning point. Her work seems increasingly irrelevant, and her home, where she’s spent her entire adult life, is going to be demolished.

Her husband Mads – also the Vice Mayor for Health and Social Services in the city – is busy at work, and her relationship with her cynical daughter Ingeborg is not the best. Nina and Mads own a house that is rented out. The tenant – violinist Mari Nilsen – suddenly goes missing the day after Nina and her daughter pay her a visit.
The police have no clues, and the investigation slowly comes to a halt. But Nina can’t rest. What happened to their tenant, who also left her son behind? She starts pulling a few threads to find out, not realizing that her discoveries will have grave consequences. Seven Doors is a harrowing novel about dark secrets and dangerous curiosity.

The result is a clever, quirky mystery full of twists, and reminiscent of Agatha Christie at her best.

The Times

This novel has it all! Agnes Ravatn’s gorgeous bag of goodies of a novel has everything one could wish for in humor, intelligence and suspense.


Fun, exciting and profound.


Like an electric shock – a real Greek tragedy in a modern Norwegian family becomes an extremely powerful read.


A sophisticated crime mystery.

Bergens Tidende