Operation Self-Discipline

A self-help book for those of you who can’t stand self-help books.

Do you check Facebook while you are reading bedside stories for your kids? Are you having trouble with your concentration and lack of impulse control? Non-existing training habits and a diet thrown together on the fly? This is the book for you!

The lack of self-discipline is an increasing problem for many of us. This was also the case for the author Agnes Ravatn, who for many years was a chronic slave to the internet with a lifestyle in shreds and much too-high a heart rate. That was when she decided to get a grip.

The result is a personal, practical and funny guide to how you can regain willpower and self-discipline. Operation Self-Discipline is a perceptive and entertaining book filled with advice on how to break bad habits, work more focused, acquire good routines and how to find more leisure time—without feeling guilty about it.

The book is just as perfect for students as for office workers, for people having problems tying their own shoelaces, or even for people who actually enjoy grazing the internet.

‘Ravatn gives you an intelligent, very funny and even
historical kick in the behind.’

Mari Nymoen Nilsen, VG

‘Original and helpful self-help book.’

Stein Roll, Adresseavisa

‘Operation Self-Discipline is essential reading for people with long term plans and who are constantly falling for devious temptations.’

Gro Jørstad Nilsen, Bergens Tidende

‘Agnes Ravatn has written a good, funny and modern self-help book within the success formula of American Popular Science.’

Aksel Braanen Sterri, Dagbladet

‘Agnes Ravatn expands and develops the self-help genre with humour, new problematic perspectives and alternative language. And the book actually helps.’

Margunn Vikingstad, Morgenbladet