The Ice

The Ice is a tense international thriller that plays out at one of Earth’s most inhospitable places – the North Pole.

Former Special Forces commando Anna Aune has abandoned the world and everyone in it, and is hiding out in a hovercraft at the North Pole. She’s there for the duration of the Arctic winter to document the destruction unleashed by climate change.
On All Saints’ Day, the pitch-black sky is suddenly lit up by a distress flare shot up from a Chinese research station. Anna and her colleague are the only ones close enough to come to their rescue. But is the flare a cry for help, or a warning sign?
At the Chinese base, a vision from a nightmare awaits them. In the laboratory, they find the researchers dead, frozen solid and covered in ice. It quickly becomes clear that they were brutally murdered. At the same moment, a furious Arctic storm blows in. A savage power struggle has provoked a full-scale international conflict – by any means necessary – for Arctic resources. And Anna Aune is caught in the middle of it all.

I love how the writer just plunges straight into the action and keeps the tension up throughout book.

Stavanger Aftenblad

The Ice is technically close to a perfect thriller.


This is a story that grips from the explosive opening to the nail-biting ending. The Ice is a classic thriller with contemporary themes but it cleverly uses the tropes of the horror novel to ramp up the spooky atmosphere and increase the darkness…This is the kind of book once picked up you won’t want to put it down.