After barely surviving the hunt for a mass murderer at the North Pole, ex-special forces soldier Anna Aune is treated for her injuries at a remote base in Siberia along with the only other survivor, a Chinese man named Marco and the man who saved her, meteorologist Boris.

Anna’s hope of being reunited with her family in Norway is shattered when a sniper tries to kill her, and then she is threatened by the Russian security police. They promise to ruin Boris’ life if she doesn’t return to the North Pole to look for a missing submarine wreck from the Cold War, thousands of meters under the ice.
At the North Pole, Anna meets Czarina Blum, a brilliant but eccentric scientist who has battled harassment by powerful men all her life. Together, the two women dive four thousand meters down into the dark waters under the ice. When they finally locate the wreck, it turns out that it hides a secret that threatens the entire existence of the North Pole.

I devoured every page of this book. Raake is one of this spring’s few crime writers writing about a theme with a special connection to dramatic current events. … Frightfully exciting and downright spectacular.


Spectacular action scenes from the North Pole. Dark and icy thriller about powerful men and strong women.

Stavanger Aftenblad

I love how the writer just plunges straight into the action and maintains the tension throughout the book.

Stavanger Aftenblad, on The Ice

The Ice is a near-perfect thriller, professionally written. Raake’s language is at best frozen down to short, concrete sentences – clear as ice crystals.

VG, on The Ice

Highly exciting action, a pinch of conspiracy theories and the rough, almost unreal setting make the thriller a real experience. No wonder eight German publishers were interested in this debut. … A gripping, action-packed thriller that has enough depth to please even the most demanding thriller reader.

Nordic Crime, Germany, on The Ice

The author keeps the tension up from the first to the last page. Once you have started reading, it is almost impossible to stop, it is so gripping and entertaining.

Bygdebladet, on The Ice