The Importance of Being Ingrid Winter

Ingrid Winter seems to have it all. But she can’t help feeling like everything’s crumbling around her — just like the roof of her family’s house.

She and her husband are forced to make repairs they can barely afford. Lack of funds means her husband must cancel his dream trip to Italy. Their three daughters are growing up too fast, her latest batch of students are more disaffected than ever, and it feels like there’s no one that she’s not disappointing. To top it all off, Mr. and Mrs. Perfect have moved in right next door.

Overwhelmed and anxious, Ingrid’s ready to get away. And the whole family, including Gramps, is coming along. A staycation in the mountains of Norway may be just what the Winters need. But will tromping through nature help Ingrid find the right path or send her deeper into the woods?

This is the second book in the Ingrid Winter series.

“As a well-written, funny, intelligent, and entertaining feel-good novel with a careful, not overly dominant element of thought-provoking seriousness, ‘Winter in Wonderland’ is top shelf. It almost makes you want to go out into the world and be a better person.”

Stavanger Aftenblad

“She writes wittily and sharply, with helter-skelter references to popular culture and academia, seamlessly and beautifully without a visible change of pace. What we get is a snapshot of a piece of Norway today, where almost all problems are first world problems.”


“There aren’t that many novels that are humorous and easy to read – but at the same time intelligent… More from Winterland, please!”


“She is an expert in humorous timing and rhythm – in particular, funny dialogues and dry-witted punchlines.”