The Summer of -19, an update

Oman 2017 p1000230 for web

The summer is over, and autumn is here. But although we have been on vacation, deals have ticked in. Here’s an update on the recent ones.

Sep 2, 2019

John Kåre Raake’s THE ICE has been sold to Helios in Estonia and to Balto Leidybos in Lithuania.

Furthermore has Bjørn Andreas Bull-Hansen’s second book in the Jomsviking series, VINLAND, been sold to Meulenhoff Boekerij in the Netherlands.

Thomas Reinertsen Berg’s THEATER OF THE WORLD has been sold to Fantasy Foundation Publications in Taiwan.

And not at least can Gunnar Garfors prepare to travel to Hungary, where his book ELSEWHERE has been bought by Cser.

That was the Summer of -19 – bring on the Autumn!