The Ice to become tv-series

Isen, John Kåre Raake
John Kåre Raake, Isen

After a fierce international competition for the rights to John Kåre Raake’s thriller The Ice, Nordisk Film Production gets the job of creating a lavish, international TV series with Tomb Raider director Roar Uthaug at the helm.

May 6, 2019

John Kåre Raake, also known as one of the screenwriters behind the international films The Wave and The Quake, are looking forward to this new collaboration with the director Roar Uthaug:
- Selling the rights to Hollywood was a possibility, but working with Nordisk Film Production, who really thinks long-term and has had international success with the Beck series, means I can also be involved in developing the series.
- I had many offers, both home and abroad, but believe Nordisk Film Production is the best partner.

Roar Uthaug is also looking forward to continuing his collaboration with John Kåre Raake;
- This is an amazingly exciting project, and I look forward to making this book a spectacular international series.

For Nordisk Film Production, the ambition is to create a large, international TV series:
- John Kåre Raake and Roar Uthaug have shown that they can reach out – and with them on the team we want to create a magnificent genre series, says CEO Sveinung Golimo.