Siri Helle launched in the UK

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Handmade by Siri Halle has been published this week to much acclaim in the media. The subtitle Learning the Art of Chainsaw Mindfulness has understandably caused a stir.

Mar 18, 2022

Here’s a round up of some of the attention it has created.

Siri just featured at the BBC’s Saturday Live interview. It begins at 33 mins –
Siri’s interview with Norwegian Arts:
An interview in The Sunday Times.
Stylist mentioned Handmade in their March books roundup.
This also has a lovely quote: ‘A beautifully packaged book about one woman’s plan to build a mini-cabin using a chainsaw. Celebrating the importance and impact of making lasting things with your hands, it’s a delightful read that makes for a perfect present’.

Congratulations Siri!