Northern Stories welcomes Christopher Pahle!

Pahle christopher

We are excited to welcome Christopher Pahle to Northern Stories! Christopher Pahle is an author, screenwriter and film critic working across a variety of fields and genres, combining a heartfelt curiosity with propulsive plotting and a satirical bent in his writings.

Oct 24, 2023

His children’s book series Kass & Tycho mixes adventure, mystery, science, comedy, personal intrigue and engaging characters on an epic, interstellar canvas, while always putting the young protagonists center stage.

Pahle once saw all four of Jupiter’s inner moons through a telescope, and thinks you should try it too.

He is also a prolific, award-winning screenwriter for both television and stage. He works in a variety of fields, mixing genres and styles, comedy and drama, satire and heart, to tell innovative stories with a mass appeal. The 24-part Scandi noir/comedy series Jul i Blodfjell (Christmas at Blood Mountain) was a huge hit both in 2017 and with its sequel in 2019, with annual reruns becoming an off-beat holiday tradition for many in Norway. Pahle is also the writer and co-creator of the post-apocalyptic comedy series Dumbsday, which premieres in November 2023.

He har has been nominated for a Norwegian Emmy four times, winning one.

Pahle also works as a film and tv critic, while publishing books and being a part of the directing team on one of Norway’s biggest television phenomena over the last years, the critically acclaimed, hugely popular boot camp-based reality series Kompani Lauritzen.