Nikolaj Frobenius is nominated for The Riverton Prize 2024 for Extinction

Rivertonprisen nominasjon

The nominees for the most important award in Norwegian crime literature, the Riverton Prize 2024, were announced during the opening of the Crime Festival. Among them was Nikolaj Frobenius’ Extinction.

Feb 29, 2024

Statement from the Jury:

Jonathan Svane is absolutely certain about who was behind the arson that claimed the life of his little son. It was the prison bird Damm and his “violent left hand” Øyen, with a motive to harm the Svane family. However, the police lack evidence, and the murderers go free. Jonathan is tormented by grief. A journalistic assignment leads him to the Spanish coast, where Norwegians operate in the shadows, including the young investor Lekmann, the interviewee, who had been missing for a long time and claims not to know where he has been. Jonathan decides to surveil Lekmann, and suddenly Øyen appears. Jonathan is obsessed with seeking revenge; it’s a powerful driving force, and certain inevitable events unfold as Jonathan takes risks to get closer to the evil.

Frobenius’ concise psychological thriller has elegant twists, and a quivering sense of unease, charged by the protagonist’s worldview, builds up.

Congratulations to Nikolaj Frobenius!