Meet Vincent our co-agent in Taiwan and China

Vincent 2

BIG APPLE AGENCY celebrated its 33rd anniversary in 2020. They work with translation rights into Mainland China and into Taiwan and Hong Kong. We’ve asked Vincent to tell us a little more about these markets, and where to travel when we get the possibility again.

Feb 24, 2021

Could you tell us a little about the agency and yourself?
The agency was founded in 1987 by Ms. Lily Chen and Dr. Luc Kwanten and at that time there was no copyright law in either China or Taiwan protecting authors’ translation rights. I joined the agency in 2007 and before that I was an editor.

Could you tell us more about the situation for translated books in your markets?

The translated book in Chinese market is blooming, especially in China, the publishers in China and Taiwan will love to try any different subject or category of books, from classic fiction/poetry to European life style books. I think because the market is so big, so there is still lots contents could be interested by Chinese audiences.

What kind of books from Scandinavia are publishers looking for/or has been successful with?

After international success of Stieg Larsson and Jo Nesbo, the publisher is still looking for the next crime novel star, but they are also interested in knowing more about the culture or new trends from Scandinavia. From psychology to history, any subjects in those fields are all interesting.

Do you have a personal favorite book/author from Scandinavia?
I personally like Sofies Verden by Jostein Gaarder.

Would you let us know the recipe for your favourite dish – so we can make it as a taste of your country?
In Taiwan, I will recommend Minced pork rice which you can easily find, and every restaurant has their different specialty. In China, I like the noodles with soy bean paste, Beijing style.

The travel ban makes it difficult to travel these days. But when we are allowed to travel again, would you let us know the best places to visit in your city?
In Taiwan I will recommend the city I live in: Taipei. In China, I’ve only been in Beijing and Shanghai, I personally like Beijing best.