Latest sales roundup

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Lots of books has been sold this fall. Here’s an update.

Nov 20, 2019

The thriller THE ICE written by John Kåre Raake has been sold to four territories this fall;
Estonia (Helios), Lithuania (Balto), Catalonia (Simbol) and UK and the Commonwealth (excluding Canada) (Pushkin Press). This means it is now sold to seven territories, plus rights for an international TV-series to Nordisk Film Production.

The Jomsviking-series by Bjørn Andreas Bull-Hansen has been sold widely lately.
There’s a three books deal with Almuzara in Spain, a two book deal (VINLAND and THE DANE ARMY) to Uniscorp from Bulgaria, VINLAND has also been sold to Turbine in Denmark and Meulenhoff in the Netherlands, making it total nine territories.

Linka Neumann’s WILDERNESS SWEATERS has been sold to Südwest in Germany, WSOY in Finland and Lind & Co in Sweden.

ELSEWHERE by Gunnar Garfors has been sold to Cser in Hungary.

Anders Bortne’s nonfiction book SLEEPLESS has been sold to Volt in the Netherlands. In addition, it is sold to the UK (Sandstone) and Denmark (Gads).

Halldor Armand’s novel AGAIN AND AGAIN has been sold to BETA in the Czech Republic.

Jørgen Jæger’s THE ALMIGHTY has been sold to Lind & Co in Sweden.

Anders Røyneberg’s GREEN JOY has been sold to Mann Ivanov Ferber in Russia.

Espen Ytreberg’s CAPE HEARTSTONE has been sold to Paulsen in Russia. Previously it is also sold to Germany (Transit).

Agnes Ravatn’s THE BIRD TRIBUNAL is sold to Terikum in Hungary, making it fifteen territories.

Agnes Ravatn’s SEVEN DOORS is sold to btb in Germany.

Linn Skåber’s BEING YOUNG is sold to Urban Reads in Serbia. It is now sold in five territories.

And of course, there are lots more to come. Stay tuned!