Recent sales

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Although the World is not at its best at the moment, the business has to go on. And luckily it does. Here is an update on recent sales.

Mar 16, 2021

Kristoffer Hatteland Endresen’s A LITTLE LIKE US; World English rights is sold to Greystone (Canada).
John Kåre Raake’s THE ICE has been sold to Straarup in Denmark and to Scolar in Hungary.
Erik Martiniussen’s THE WAR AGAINST BACTERIA is sold to Leya in Portugal.
Anders Røyneberg’s GREEN HOME is sold to Turbine in Denmark.
Agnes Ravatn’s THE BIRD TRIBUNAL is sold to Zenon in Turkey.
Anders Bortne’s SLEEPLESS is sold to Znak in Poland and to Iz in Turkey.
Ingebjørg Berg Holm’s RAGING BEAR is sold in a premept to le cherche midi and to Carbonio in Italy.
Linka Neumann’s WILDERNESS SWEATERS 2 is sold to Bombora in Russia.

For full list of countries on each title, please have a look the book’s specific page on this site.