Meet our co-agents in Budapest

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To be a successful agency you need to cooperate with the right people. And we are so lucky to be cooperating with a lot of extremely professional co-agents around the world, so it’s about time you get to meet them! First out is Judit Herman, who is in charge of Andrew Nurnberg Literary Agency Budapest, and who handles our rights in Hungary and Croatia.

Feb 5, 2021

1. Could you tell us a little about the agency and yourself?
My Name is Judit Hermann and my team is Evi István and Bori Ország. Our agency operates within Hungary and Croatia and takes explicit care of each of your works. We pride ourselves on our negotiations and our efficiency handling all matters related to the titles. We have been operating as subagents for over 25 years and our clients include a broad range of authors.

2. Could you tell us more about the situation for translated books in your markets?
The Hungarian and Croatian Markets often focus on providing publishing houses and their audience with a variety of titles including well established authors, international best sellers and titles with TV and movie adaptations. That being said, we encourage authors with refreshing pieces of work to enter the market as it can never be known what the next trend may be.

3. What kind of books from Scandinavia are publishers looking for/or has been successful with?
The two main categories that contain notable titles from Scandinavia are noir and Self-Help books.

4. Do you have a personal favorite book/author from Scandinavia?
Yes – my personal favorites are Jo Nesbo, Sofi Oksanen and Stieg Larsson

5. Would you let us know the recipe for your favorite dish – so we can make it as a taste of your country?
Without a shadow of a doubt I would recommend trying Chicken Paprikas with homemade nockedli (pasta).
Here is the recipe:

6. The travel ban makes it difficult to travel these days. But when we are allowed to travel again, would you let us know the best places to visit in your city?
You only need to take a couple of steps in either Budapest or Zagreb to fall in love with the locations with their beautiful architecture glistening in the sun. My two favorite spots are walking along the Danube near the city centre in Budapest and observing the views, whilst in Zagreb I fell in love with the main square and the museums, with a wonderful aura of culture accompanied by their lustrous cafés.

Thank you, Judit!