New bestseller from Jæger

J og bil

Jørgen Jæger’s new book The Judas Fix went straight into the second place at the Bestseller list. His books sell incredible well – last year he sold 130 000 books in Norway.

Jun 26, 2019

Jørgen Jæger has a solid fanbase in Norway – and is one of top three Norwegian crime writers. He has moved to another publisher; Capitana Forlag, one of the imprints of the new publishing group Strawberry. They have launched a huge campaign for his new book, and the results are really good so far, he even got his own car as you may see in the picture.

A truck is being highjacked on a road near Fjellberghavn, and the driver is murdered. At the same time a desperate father turns to the police to get help with his drug addicted daughter. The murder investigation reveals that the high jacking is connected to drug dealing, and that several deaths by overdose in Fjellberghavn in fact has been deliberate killings. Police Chief Cecilie Hopen simultaneously suspects information are being leaked from the investigation. Is there a Judas in their own ranks?

The book was just reviewed in Bergen Arbeiderblad, they gave the book 5 out of 6 stars and said: “Excitement from the first page. You may safely bring Jørgen Jæger’s last book with you on your summer vacation.”