Jomsviking to Russia

Bjørn Andreas Bull-Hansen.
Bjørn Andreas Bull-Hansen is happy about his book becoming available in Russian.

Just before the end of the year a deal was reached with the Russian publisher AST to translate and publish Jomsviking in Russia. This means that the book has now been sold to eight territories.

Jan 2, 2018

In Jomsviking, we follow Torstein Tormodson through his young years as a slave and outlaw and later as he becomes a warrior and mercenary of the infamous brotherhood of the Jomsvikings. He is soon drawn into the power struggle between Olaf Trygvasson and the other Scandinavian rulers. ​

Jomsviking is the first book in a planned series. A turbulent and dramatic time in our history, many years of research lie behind it. It takes us on a journey through vast swathes of Northern Europe—Sweden, Denmark, Poland, England and Scotland—as it appeared a thousand years ago.