Great reviews for Frobenius

Omslag svanesang

Nikolaj Frobenius’ psychological thriller SWAN SONG was recently published the reception has been outstanding. Have a look at what the critics are saying.

Aug 24, 2021

Nikolaj Frobenius’ novel about the economic upper class might possibly be this year’s best Norwegian psychological thriller.

BOK 365:
It literally starts explosively, before Nikolaj Frobenius slows down the pace and lets reflections on identity, the nature of vengeance and consequences carry his new and well-run psychological thriller.
(5 out of 6)

With Swan Song, Nikolaj Frobenius asks many of the important questions. He does not give us answers, but he makes us reflect. That is one of the reasons why “Swan Song” is highly recommended.
(5 out of 6)

Nikolaj Frobenius wants more than just serving up a smooth and proven recipe. When Frobenius is the conductor, some expectations can be allowed. Which is very much fulfilled in this intricate portrait of a rich family….. It has become a highly entertaining and exciting tale of glittering family facades that crack open and show off a bottom line that is not entirely solid.

Nikolaj Frobenius’s novel Swan Song follows its protagonist well into both doubt and paranoia. A successful project from a writer who has written about both fright and horror before.

In Swan Song Nikolaj Frobenius presents a world where wealth and harmony is transformed into nerve-wrecking horror.
Nikolaj has written many books, he has received a wide range of awards, and his books are translated into more than 20 languages. He is also an accomplished screenwriter in film/TV, he wrote the thriller Insomnia, which was both made as a Norwegian film, and later in a new Hollywood version by Christopher Nolan, starring Al Pacino.