Brage to Thomas Horne

Til nyhetsbrev

The prestigious Brage-prize has been awarded to Thomas Horne’s The Big Guide to Climate-Friendly Living . A huge congratulations to Thomas!

Nov 24, 2020

The Big Guide to Climate-Friendly Living is a book many have been waiting for: A useful and educational guide to a more climate-friendly everyday life. Eivind Stoud Platou’s design and instructive illustrations makes the alternatives understandable and motivating.

Here’s the jury’s motivation:
“There is a lot that is useful. Among this year’s nominees for the Brage Prize in the Instructive Books category, there were many good books on everything from useful wool garments to useful learning techniques. But some things are more useful than others. This year’s winner in this category shows the reader the effects big and small choices in everyday life have on the climate.

Although many people do small things to live a little greener, such as pledging bottles and taking the bike to work, we may still defy air-shame and treat ourselves to an oval weekend in New York. For what consequences does it have, really? Everyone leaves a climate imprint, but what does it look like?

This year’s winning book solves almost a thousand small and big climate calculations. The answers show us which climate choices we can make in everyday life that benefit the globe. Is there any point in replacing the diesel car with a large Tesla? Should people stop eating meat? What clothes is it responsible to buy? Such questions not only create awareness, but also make people responsible.

The word climate calculation is not so tantalizing in itself. You may think of long series of numbers in gray, illegible tables, side by side with detailed text. This is not how it solved in this year’s winning book. The analysis work behind the calculations is large and complicated, but the book is accessible and easy to read. The combination of precise language and very good illustrations and graphics makes the book engaging. If we are to be able to make good, informed choices that can help give the next generation a healthy planet to grow up on, we need that commitment.

At a time when the temperature of the globe is rising in step with the sea, a book can hardly be more useful than this.
The prize goes to Thomas Horne for the book The Big Guide to Climate-Friendly Living !"

Oh yeah! Congrats TH!

More about the book here.