Linn Skåber’s BEING YOUNG wins prestigious Reumert Award in Denmark

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Congratulations to Linn Skåber and Denmark’s Teater V – their performance of BEING YOUNG (Til ungdommen) was announced as the winner of this year’s Reumert Award for best children’s/youth theatre!

Jun 14, 2022

Read more about the award here.
Information about Teater V and the play here.

From the jury’s statement:

It’s hard being a teenager! Adults don’t understand anything at all. In this play, authentic stories are turned into a credible theatre montage about being young and frustrated. Brilliantly performed by young, musical actors with luminous honesty, political energy, and gravity – with hope for the future and the quest for happiness.

From director and publisher Pelle Koppel’s speech:

I would like to thank Kim Bjarke for making me aware of the book, not to mention Norwegian actress Linn Skåber for having written such an amazing YA book – and for trusting me to translate and publish the book in Danish, as well as having given me free rein to dramatize it and create my very own theatrical version. It’s been a tremendous pleasure.

The play is based on Linn’s bestselling and award-winning YA book, which has been sold to 11 countries.

Being Young is also on its second run in Norway with Oslo Nye Teater and was nominated for the prestigious Hedda Prize in 2020.