A thousand wakeful nights, one solution

For sixteen years, Anders Bortne has been sleepless. He’s tried to get help several times – without success.

He has a family with two young kids and can no longer go on with a scant few hours of sleep every night. He just can’t. Therefore, nothing shall go untested – sleeping medicine, yoga, herbs, acupuncture, hypnosis.
Anders is searching high and low, and the answers he receives are grueling, eye-opening and ridiculous. During the hunt, another story appears.
What do we know about the most important hours of the day? What is the history of sleep? And why do we really have to sleep?
Sleepless is an exciting, fun and wise book for anyone who lies awake at night and is wondering why. And for those sleeping next to them. The solution is often closer than you think. In Anders’s case, it was just across the street.

…fabulous non-fiction about a problem that more than half a million Norwegians are struggling with. … It is high literary quality over the depictions of the many nights he walks between bed and sofa, couch and bed, and he never loses the tension in the language when he renders research results.

Stavanger Aftenblad

… for those who want to learn more about sleep and insomnia, Sleepless is an excellent place to start. …Facts about sleep and insomnia are easily and effortlessly interwoven into the text – it flows like a novel. His troubled musings are almost poetic.