Behind the Black Gate

It’s Halloween, but Olivia has no one to go trick-or-treating with. She decides to go out alone.

At first it’s a little scary to walk around all by herself, but the further Olivia goes, the braver and braver she becomes. Still: The big house behind the gate is spooky – maybe even a little bit extra spooky tonight.

A picture book about fear, courage and unexpected friendship, for children aged 6 and up.

Illustrator: Marianne Gretteberg Engedal

Together, the verbal text and images convey the atmosphere in a way that makes the book appropriately exciting and scary for its target audience. ‘Behind the Black Gate’ is an exciting and thought-provoking picture book that appeals to both younger and older readers.

The jury of The Ministry of Culture's prize for children's and young adult literature.

Talk about being hypnotized by a cover! With a gaze that both entices and warns, we are led through the gate towards a darkened house, which, in contrast to the fluorescent title, exudes danger. We’re actually afraid to follow, but we also can’t resist. The illustrator’s use of color is original and playful, fearless and bold, just like the main character of the book. This is so incredibly beautifully executed!

The jury of Grafill's Most Beautiful Books of the Year

Lovely Halloween aesthetics… Heartbreakingly believable.


Beautiful illustrations make this book a fall gem that all Halloween skeptics should treat themselves to.

Vårt land

Wise and clever about daring to venture into the world.