A Matter of Protection

One late summer evening someone brutally shoots and kill a respected imam and his wife near a mosque in Oslo.

The assassin leaves no trace except some lines from an Arabic poem ushering an end time and the coming of the twelfth imam. A couple of days later another imam is brutally murdered, and the same poem found at the crime scene.
The victim this time is Milan, a close friend and mentor of Davood Ariani, a scholar of religion.
The Norwegian Police Security Service has no clues and turns to him for help. Davood’s family were killed during the Lebanon conflict, and he reluctantly agrees to go back to try to solve the murders and prevent more killings. At the same time, he must confront his own difficult past.

“Well-timed crime debut … This first time writer deserves numerous readers… Rokseth successfully realises his ambitions and intricate plot, and surprises the reader with unexpected twists right up until the very last page.”


“A story about love, hatred and revenge – a promising debut well worth reading.”


“New writer Olav W. Rokseth is a skilled craftsman who has composed an extraordinary crime novel.”


“A brilliant Norwegian thriller … Rokseth transcends most of foreign literature in the same genre.”