Trips to the world's least visited countries

Gunnar Garfors has been to all the countries of the world – twice.

In this book he shares his experiences from the 20 countries people are least likely to travel to, all welcoming between five dozen and 44,000 tourist per year. Some of these countries you have hardly heard about, others only give associations of war, terror and misery.

But every country is inhabited by mostly friendly people, and many have fascinating stories to tell. Through encounters and stories, we get to know more about these places and the world around us. A book that is enlightening, surprising and funny; did you know that it is illegal to own a black car in Turkmenistan? Or that in Kiribati they claim to have 250 words for coconut? Or that in Mauritania slavery was banned by law as late as 2007, as the last country in the world?
This book makes it possible to travel to the least visited places from the safety of your chair, and it will inspire you to travel elsewhere yourself.

With empathy, irony, a dollop of self-irony and a backpack full of general knowledge of the world, Garfors gives you a pleasant tour of
the least visited countries in the world. It is heartbreaking, funny and thought provoking, but first and foremost a first class travelouge which will make you see the world through a new filter.

Runar Larsen, Magasinet Reiselyst

There is a lot of fascinating content here. […] I believe that the writer is more courageous than most. But perhaps the normal rest of us are too careful and don’t dare seek challenges a bit outside our comfort zone?


An original and interesting book. …Good entertainment… a book that should get a wide readership.