The beauty drifting by

Little Venice, London.14 year old Jamie lives on the wrong side of the river and feels as if his life is standing still. But during a few summer weeks his life will change in ways he never expected.

The Beauty Drifting by is a strong and beautiful portrayal of a young man’s journey into adulthood. Love and sex, crime and violence, family and friendship – Jamie tries as best he can to cope with everything. But good intentions are not always enough.

Ida Løkås’ debut novel is an ever so small gem. It is a lovely and well-told story that quietly drifts by.

Tom Egeland, VG

The Beauty Drifting by is a charmer of a debut, where the novels structure and protagonist mirror each other.

Maya Troberg Djuve, Dagbladet

The Beauty Drifting by is not only a solid, but also an exciting debut

Bjørn Gabrielsen, Dagens Næringsliv

A beautiful, mature and different novel. It is a great pleasure to find a talent like this.

Ingvar Ambjørnsen

A sensational strong and beautiful tale of an environment we rarely read about.

Anne B. Ragde