Ida Løkås

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Ida Løkås (b.1985) is one of the most promising young writers in Norway. She won a nationwide novel competition with over 300 submissions with her debut novel The Beauty Drifting By. The Chairman of the Jury, the acclaimed Norwegian author, Ingvar Ambjørnsen, stated: «A beautiful, mature and different novel. It is a great pleasure to find a talent like this.» The novel was published to much critical acclaim.

Her second book, a young adult novel Daddy is a Postcard was nominated for the U-Prize for best novel (YA). In 2015 she was named Artist of the Year in her hometown Stavanger. Her last novel To the Waves was published last autumn, and characterized as «sad and beautiful.»
Ida Løkås was born in Bodø and raised in Stavanger. She has a master’s degree in creative writing from Kingston University in London