I am the people.

The growth and future of European right-wing populism

2017 was the year when right-wing populism should win in country after country.

Inspired by the shock of Brexit and Donald Trump’s victory in the US, Europe’s right-wing populists got together in Koblenz in Germany. At place were a confidant and intense Marine Le Pen. The uncompromising Dutch politician Geert Wilders held a speech, smilingly in his designer suit. On the scene was the strict Frauke Petry from Germany and the down-to-earth Matteo Salvini from the north of Italy. These leaders represent the future of Europe – according to themselves – because they are leading in the fight against EU, against immigration and for a new patriotism. “History is written before our eyes”, exclaimed an excited Marine Le Pen.

Author Simen Ekern has travelled through Europe and met party leaders, ideologists and voters to learn about our most discussed political movements. French Le Pen is the front woman in this alliance and Ekern shows how she made her fathers party, National Front, into a modern party. When she lost the presidential election spring 2017, the president of the EU-parliament concluded, “The growth of Populism is over”. Simen Ekern explains why it may be too early to breathe easy. I am the People is a book that enlightens, surprises and entertains.

With sharp observations and a pointed pen, Simen Ekern dissects the European right-wing populism.


Ekern on his hometurf, very readable.

Bernt Hagtvedt, Dagbladet, 5 of 6

Simen Ekern’s new book should be obligatory for anyone who cares about democracy and the future…. Do yourself a favour and read this book – you’ll need it.

Kjetil Røed, Aftenposten