Runa Knits

40 colourful sweaters and cardigans

Number one best seller!

This is knitwear perfect for late summer evenings, after icy cold swims, on cabin trips, mountain hikes, and boat rides. Runa Sommerfelt has gathered her softest, most popular, and colorful garments for you to knit. The book is more than just knitting patterns. It contains a treasure trove of tips and tricks – including how to care for and wash the garments, how to adapt yarn in the patterns, and inspiration for great color combinations. Even if you’ve never knitted before, you can safely buy this book. It contains everything a beginner needs to know to knit their first sweater. Runa also helps you unleash your creative side and design your own garments. @Runastrikk is known for her colorful and unique knitting patterns. In this book, she shares her love for knitting and encourages you to become a part of the knitting community. Come join the knitting bubble!

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