The sled dog no one wanted

Foxi stands at the starting line of the longest and toughest dog sledding competition in the world, the Iditarod. She is at the front of the dog team with 16 strong huskies.

The polar dog Foxi was born in Svalbard, but was smaller and weaker than the other dogs. Foxi’s owner, the eager dog musher Tommy Jordbrudal, thought he couldn’t use her as a sled dog. Tommy is set to participate in the world’s toughest and longest dog race, the Iditarod. Before the start, three of the dogs that could lead the dog team were put out of action. Tommy has no choice. Little Foxi has to step in. But placing Foxi at the front of the dog team without her having trained for it is madness!

Join us in this captivating tale of resilience, adventure, and the extraordinary bond between humans and dogs in the thrilling world of dog mushing.