On The Same Team

On The Same Team is a story about standing up for oneself, finding one’s place on the team, but also in the world, and about the sound that occurs when the ball whizzes into the goal.

The sisters Ada and Andrine have just moved to Sunndal, a village nestled between high mountains with green soccer fields and soccer-crazy residents. Andrine is a standout on the soccer field, so good that she plays with the boys’ team. However, the coach doesn’t want her to play against the arch-enemy Rival. Little sister Ada wants to help her, but she has her own problems to deal with; why does everything always have to revolve around soccer? And why can’t she have a dog?

The book is written by Harald Rosenløw Eeg, along with sisters and football players Ada and Andrine Hegerberg. Ada & Andrine Hegerberg are among Norway’s most well-known football players. Ada was named Europe’s best female football player for her performance in the 2015/2016 season, and recieved the Ballon D’or in 2015. Both sisters play for European powerhouse clubs and the Norwegian national team.

On The Same Team is the first of two books in this series.