The Boy in the Dark

The Boy in the Dark is an intense thriller about being young during the World War II. Inspired by a true story.

Oslo, 1942. When Johan discovers that his mother is using their apartment as a hiding place for saboteurs, he’s determined that he will join the resistance movement. He wants to fight, to do the right thing. But is he brave enough? Who is he fighting for? And who can he trust?

Quote from the book:
“I hear the man’s voice inside. Perhaps he is singing to his daughter. Perhaps the darkness is the darkness where the sound of boots lurks. But her gaze is the same. Dark and vigilant, like the gaze of rabbits. It never lets go of me. They know what I have done.”

An authorship of class (…) quite simply great literature.

Tønsberg Blad

Eeg writes so excellent about feelings that they are transmitted to the reader.


In my opinion, Eeg is one of the best Scandinavian YA authors. He has a rare presence. He has an eye for decisive situations, and he masters a prose that other authors only can dream of.