The Joyful Gardener

Create Your Own Garden of Hygge

The Joyful Gardener takes you on a tour of Røyneberg’s lush, unique, and beautiful garden.

This book is packed with great ideas and practical tips for inspiring garden projects that are easy to do yourself and that will give you a distinctive and exciting outdoor space – on top of loads of gardening joy!

Plant and garden expert Anders Røyneberg is also the author of bestsellers Green Home and Plant Bonanza. In The Joyful Gardener, you’ll find advice on how to easily create a beautiful, user-friendly garden with practical zones. You’ll also get tips on how you can complement the style of your home when you’re planning and upgrading your garden, as well as how you can add unique plants and elements with a surprising twist!

Garden enthusiasts of all ages will find inspiration in The Joyful Gardener, where they’ll find smart solutions, pick up new ideas, and be inspired by a classic – yet modern – garden. The goal is also to inspire you to create a garden that requires little effort, and where you can really relax and enjoy life!