Plant Bonanza

Live and succeed with green plants

The popularity of green plants has exploded, both on social media and in thousands of homes. Now, everyone is looking to fill their homes and gardens with beautiful, abundant plants that give us a sense of both well-being and peace, and bring us closer to our origins.

Taking care of plants is good for us in countless different ways; it’s food for the soul when so many lead stressful, and often digital lives. When we help our plants to grow and thrive, they in turn provide us with not just happiness, but also a feeling of having accomplished something.

In his new book, Anders Røyneberg has gathered everything you need to know about keeping your green plants happy and healthy. Since his last publication, he and his partner have moved from their urban flat to a house in the country, where they have created a beautiful, green home for themselves.

You’ll find lots of new styling tips and ideas on how you can use green plants to furnish your own space and start your green living journey. The book is packed with know-how, inspiration and helpful tips, catered to both beginners and those who are a little more knowledgeable about the plant world.

In Plant Bonanza, you’ll find over 50 different plant profiles alongside useful information and advice on how to care for them.