Waiting for God Knows

Linn Skåber wanted to set up Samuel Beckett’s play Waiting for Godot. His will declared no woman was allowed to, so instead, Skåber made her own play about waiting. It was a huge success at the National Theatre this spring and will be on tour this autumn. This play has now been rewritten into a book.

What does it really mean to live? This book invites us into a mysterious world where we meet two women who are waiting – and longing. For answers. For direction. For new times. Fun evenings. For the sons to call. For something good.

As always, Linn Skåber lifts her gaze and pokes fun at our general perception of life and its trivialities. With her unique writing style, deep insight, and raw humour, she takes the reader on a rollercoaster of a story and gives us new perspectives – both about ourselves as people and the society we live in.

Skåber’s text is both complex, witty and elegant.

Dagbladet, about the play

Linn Skåber’s performance of Waiting for God knows is fun, playful, and everyday philosophical.

Aftenposten, about the play

Linn Skåber has written an insistent text that mixes childhood memories with middle-aged women’s fear of living a ghostly life.

Norwegian Shakespeare Magazine, about the play

Waiting together with Skåber for what and who might come becomes a playful theater moment cloned with the enjoyable art of keeping boredom at arm’s length.

Dagsavisen, about the play