To Us from Our Elders

In just a couple of years, Linn Skåber has become one of Norway’s most-read authors. To Us from Our Elders went straight to No. 1 on the fiction bestseller list when published. With her previous two books, Being Young and Being Grown-Up, it might not come as a surprise that this new book focuses on our oldest and wisest.

She has interviewed, observed, analyzed and written. As always, the prose is filled with warmth, humor, wisdom, sorrow and joy. Skåber’s unique pen and Lisa Aisato’s beautiful illustrations make these people come alive, and their lives are made clear and recognizable to us. And perhaps there is something to learn for us all.

The first two books were both huge bestsellers in Norway – rounding 100,000 copies for Being Young and 50,000 copies for Being Grown-Up. Being Young was sold to eight countries.

Neither my friends nor I were anything to write home about. We were happy about that. The pretty ones got married far too early.

Linn Skåber - quote from the book

I’d never be able to survive out there in today’s society. I’d offend someone with my presence alone.

Linn Skåber - quote from the book

What a lovely book! It gives us a valuable reminder both of what life was, and what life will be again…. It is warm and beautiful, vulnerable and sad, but also very funny. Linn Skåber writes with a light touch – it’s as if you can see the twinkle in her eye between the lines. Lisa Aisato’s illustrations are examples of great storytelling in themselves.

VG, on Being Grown-up

What a debut! Skåber and Aisato have a rare mix of sweetness, poetic depth, and twisted humour.

Dagbladet, on Being Young